Best Dog Nail Grinder for Keeping Your Dog Pampered (2017 Guide)

Keeping our dogs looking spic and span has always been a rather onerous task. There’s the washing which often degenerates to a messy struggle between you and your pet. There’s the hair brushing which isn’t any easier. And then there’s the nail clipping which is the most taxing of the grooming rituals. We do, however, know that a dog’s nails need to be kept short especially when they’re normally confined indoors. Very long nails can end up causing pain for the dog as the nail will be constantly pushed back into the nail bed as the dog runs around. So, to make this dreaded task of nail trimming easier one would naturally go for a dog nail grinder. The right nail grinder needs to be compact enough for you to hold in your hand without compromising on ergonomics. It should be easy to operate with one hand as you’ll need your other hand to hold up the dog’s paw.

So what is the best dog nail grinder?

The motor should be a silent one to avoid creating anxiety in the dog. A loud motor scares pets easily, creating a challenge when trying to do their nails. The grinders are powered by batteries. Those that use the common AA batteries are best as replacing them when they run out of power is simple. Rechargeable nail grinders are more convenient especially if you have multiple pets that need their nails trimmed regularly. Finally, find out what kind of material is used on the rotary to trim the nails.

Some use sanding bands while in others you’ll find grinding stones. The best and most durable grinding stones are those made of diamond bit or Emery. To ease your choice, take a look at the five products we’ve reviewed below. Without further ado, here are the five best dog nail grinders.


Grooming your pet is made easy and painless with this Hertzko Pet Nail Grinder. It’s a lightweight and compact device that’s very easy to use. The power button is located on the side and all you need to do is push it upwards to power the nail grinder. Underneath this grinder is the charge indicator that helps you tell whether the power is getting low.

Then, at the bottom, there’s the micro USB port that facilitates charging. You can plug the device into any USB port on any computer to rejuvenate the power. Under the hood, there’s a motor that rouses the grinding stone to life. Hertzko tells us that this motor is super mute and that isn’t a lie.

When activated, all you hear is a silent hum as the stone rotates. This grinding stone is made of diamond bit. Since diamond is a hardwearing stone, these qualities are transferred onto the grinder to enable you to get maximum use out of your pet nail grinder. The stone has a cover that can be used in three configurations. There’s a large port which is perfect for use with large and medium sized animals. The second port is smaller and is best used for small sized pets. The final configuration is without the port cover, best when you want to quickly grind your pet’s nails.



Bonve joins the fray with their nail grinder. And just like its counterparts, it doesn’t lack in the necessary features to ensure your pet is well-groomed with utmost ease. It’s a compact device that’s very easy to handle and operate. It fits snugly in your hands, offering comfort to not just your pet but also the one operating it. This model comes clad all in white.

The only bit that stands out is the power button which is blue in color. The ensemble makes for an aesthetically pleasing design. At the top, you’ll find the grinding stone, with a cover laid on top of it.

The stone is made of Emery, known for its strength and hardwearing nature. The Emery can grind the hardest of nails without causing any harm to the pet. And thanks to the cover with the different sized ports, you’ll be able to groom small, medium and large pets. The first port on the cover is a small one. This one is meant for the small sized pets. The larger port is used with medium and large sized pets. The third port is used for shaping the nails. Powering the Bonve are two 1.5V AA batteries.



With beautiful curves and an ergonomic design, the Furry Fido scores highly on looks. The design is artistic, sporting a streamlined body. But it isn’t just an aesthetically pleasing device. This grinder also does the job it’s meant to do and it does it well.

Unlike the others, this grinder has both forward and reverse rotation settings. And they have two different speeds; 7500 and 10,000 RPMs. This makes it easy to use the grinder on different pets and produce similar results. Powered by two AA batteries, you’ll be able to use it whenever you want. The AA batteries are very common so getting your Furry Fido nail grinder alive won’t be a problem. At the top, the Furry Fido uses sanding bands, rather than the grinding stones.

With this device, you get six sanding bands neatly packed in a storage file. This ensures that you get the most out of your grinder. These sanding bands are comfortable for your pets, reducing the possibility of anxiety on your animals. Still, the motor itself hums silently, ensuring that your pet isn’t scared by the sound of it. With the Furry Fido, trimming your pet’s nails are made much easier, eliminating the chances of any accidents that might occur in the process.



The UR Power pet nail grinder bears a familiar design and shape. With the power button placed on the side and the grinding stone located on top, everything looks to be in perfect order. Just like its counterparts, it’s a lightweight device that’s very easy to carry and operate. It weighs in at only 6 ounces. The motor underneath is also quite silent, keeping the pets from getting frightened.

However, the fact that this is similar to the others doesn’t mean it won’t stand out. The grinding stone is made of diamond bit. This makes it tough enough to handle whatever nail types presented to it.

Diamond, being a rugged stone, endows its quality to the grinding bit ensuring you’ll use it for the longest time possible. You won’t need to replace it at all. To keep the UR Power nail grinder powered, it has a rechargeable battery that can be rejuvenated via a micro USB charging port. All you need to do is plug it into any USB port. The charge indicator lets you know when the battery is fully charged. It takes about two hours to fill up and once this happens, you’re able to use the device continuously for three hours.



The Dremel nail grinder slightly deviates from the tried and true grinder design. It looks a little different with a textured design on the sides of the body. The grip is therefore enhanced and ergonomics maintained. To trim your pet’s nails, the Dremel comes with half inch diameter sanding bands.

These are gentle on the pets while still providing the grit required to grind the nails. You get five sanding bands that are easily replaceable. The sanding bit rotates at two speeds; 6500 RPM and 13,000 RPM.

With this feature, you can configure the speed to match the nail type. To alter the speed, simply turn the speed dial to either one or two for the different speeds. Giving the Dremel life is a 4.8 Volt removable battery pack. This battery is rechargeable and takes just three hours to completely fill up. And to ensure the nail grinder is always ready for duty, you can buy an extra battery pack for it.


Keeping your pet well-groomed need not be an arduous affair. With devices such as these nail grinders, you should be able to get them looking suave in no time at all. Our five above are just a fraction of the pet nail grinders in the market but they are by far the most outstanding. Still, there’s one among the lot that impresses and deserves the crown of the best pet nail grinder. This is the one that offers convenience and reliability. It offers durability and functionality.

The best pet nail grinder is the Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder. It has a rechargeable battery that holds a charge longer than the rest. Its grinding stone is made of diamond bit, a rugged stone. And it presents all these at an affordable price. What more could you ask for? Hertzko outranks its competitors.

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