Best Dog Food for Large Breeds (2017 Buyer’s Guide and Reviews)

Having a large dog is something most dog owners pride themselves in. Apart from the large size and the looks they attract from on lookers large dog breed owners also have to experience the downfalls. Owning a large dog has way more to it than just proper exercise and ample food suppl. Apart from this,when owning a large dog, one has to take a number of key factors into consideration. Such as the formula as well as the quality of diet of the various foods he/she is supposed to feed the dog. This ensures that it remains healthy,active and lives to see the golden years.

How To Tell You Are Getting The Best Dog Food For Your Large Breeds

NameSizeAge RangeStar RatingPrice
Blue Buffalo30 lbsAdult4.5Check Price
Wellness Complete30 lbsAdult4.5Check Price
Hill's Science Diet35 lbsAdult4.5Check Price
Holistic Select30 lbsAdult4.5Check Price
Eagle Pack Natural30 lbsAdult4.5Check Price

Nutrition: This is a factor that should go without saying but it is very important to take into consideration. The food should contain the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamins. It should also have minerals in a manner that is going to be digested with ease by your dog. Large dog breeds are prone to a wide array of medical conditions due to an imbalance in the content of nutrients present in the food given to them. Some of these diseases are hip dysplasia and panosteitis. These can sadly result in death in some cases. To avoid these as well as other medical complications, your dog food should contain low levels of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D.

Food labels: One thing that most people overlook when they are shopping around their large dog are the labels.d. While on the negative side,some dog food companies deliberately give false information about the dog food just to make a quick sale. We should be vigilant and be very cautious when examining these labels. On the positive side, some companies offer factual information. Some of the things to look out for on the labels for starters are 'clinically tried and tested' as well as 'complete and balanced' just to mention a few. Also, avoid foods that have fats and oils among the first four ingredients. It is known that these fats and oils are major contributors to bloat. As well as other conditions that are not healthy for large dog breeds.

So now it's time to cut to the chase. We will be describing some of the best dog foods for large breeds that are now available in the market. You should definitely be on the look out for if you want to ensure that your large pup grows to be healthy,disease free and very active.

Blue Buffalo Life

This dog food is the epitome of the perfect food to feed your large dog with. A glance at the ingredients used to make this dog food might even leave you to wonder whether they made a mistake by making it dog food. The Blue Buffalo Life Protection dry adult dog food contains natural ingredients. Featuring real meat,whole grains,veggies and nutritious fruit.

It even contains whole carrots,whole sweet potatoes,blueberries,cranberries,garlic and Alfaalfa. All of which are antioxidant rich.

This dog food has proven to reduce certain conditions that are prevalent among young puppies of large dog breeds. Some of these conditions are skin rashes as well as chewing on their paws. It even improves on their stool as it makes it more firm and easy to pick up. Making it way easier to clean up their mess after them. When your dog is sick and needs some medication,it poses a challenge for some dog owners on how they will get to successfully administer the dose.

Well with this dog food,no problemo! All you have to do is to sprinkle the medicine on this food and your dog will munch away as if you just served him a treat.

Wellness Complete Health

This variety is made with delicious deboned chicken which has regulated calories to ensure healthy growth. It also contains added glucosamine and chondroitin which is essential for healthy hips and joints. The ingredients are all natural so it does not contain any artificial colours,flavours or preservatives.

This particular dog food has 13% more protein content so to help and provide support for increased muscle mass. This is very important for large dog breeds. This dog food helps with some conditions prevalent in some large dog breeds such as pits.

This can at times have some conditions affecting their ears as well as their skin. It has been shown that this food helps rid the dog of these undesirable conditions as it lessens the scratching. With more frequent use, you won't need to see the vet to check on your dog's ears. On a lighter note, if you also have some issues with your dog's breath,then this is also going to give you an answer to your problems. By using this dog food, you will be back to enjoying the wet smooches from your dog that were otherwise not very pleasant.

Hill's Science Diet

A major highlight of this dog food is that it contains natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin. Both which play a major role in supporting the general health as well as the mobility of your dog.

It also contains essential nutrients such as omega-6 fatty acids and vitamins which are essential for a shiny coat and healthy skin. Most importantly it also contains a wide array of antioxidants,vitamin C and E which boosts the immune system.

This helps your dog fight off diseases and remain healthier for longer. It has been tested and proven to make your dog have cleaner teeth with the prolonged use of the food. The food is easily digested by the dog as is clearly evident with the end result being some very solid poop. The food has also been found to work very well to rid large dogs of any mobility problems such as limps. This is due to it containing essential nutrients to aid in constant improvement of your dog's mobility.

Holistic Select

This dog food has it's major focus being in providing digestive health support,which is very important. It is formulated with a unique digestive health support system. This formula contains prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes and natural fibers. It also does not contain any fillers as well as artificial ingredients.

It contains real and all natural food such as chicken, fruits, and veggies. It is also the perfect food for a wide variety of large dog breeds that are allergic to most dog foods since it has the perfect mix of carefully selected ingredients that are suitable for most dogs. This makes the transition of going from one food variety to another since your dog will eat this food without a second thought.

Eagle Pack Natural

The Eagle Pack Natural Dry Dog Food definitely lives up to its name as it delivers the perfect balance of proteins,carbohydrates,fats,omega fatty acids and antioxidants. The ingredients in this food are all natural and there is no corn,wheat,meat by-products or any artificial colours or fillers.

The food is a perfect fit for large dog breeds and dog owners should not have any worries of their dog gaining weight from using this. It has a perfect blend of ingredients to keep your dog lean and fit and also have a healthy digestion cycle due to the presence of probiotics in the food. The food is also well digested. In cases where your dog is vomiting you should try this one out.

Your dog will no longer have vomiting or gas issues. This food is fit for almost every large dog breed. If you have dogs that are picky with the food they can eat or have any allergy problems,then this is the food that you should go for.

The best food for large dog breeds is definitely going to be the Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Dog food. This is because it contains the highest quality of natural ingredients that provides all round nutrition. It contains all the essential ingredients needed at every life stage during the growth of your dog. It even contains LifeSource Bits. This contains antioxidant ingredients such as apples and spinach. These are cold-formed at low temperatures. This ensures that they keep the highest potency possible in terms of vitamin and antioxidant content. Now how is that for the perfect dog food?

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