5 Dangerous Ingredients Your Dog Might Be Eating

Nowadays everybody is concerned about making sure the food they eat is all natural and organic. This means that the food being eaten has no chemicals, also known as additives, that are bad for your health.

But have you ever wondered if the food you are feeding to your dog is all natural and organic too? Below we have listed some of the most common and dangerous food additives that are found in your fur baby's food.

Feeding your dog on a wholesome natural meal that is grain free is the best diet for an active and long healthy life. Unfortunately, over the years most of the dog foods are prepared using dangerous additives to increase the shelf life hence posing a danger to the dog’s life. Let’s explore on some of the additives you need to keep off when buying your dog food or treat

Artificial Coloring

Adding of artificial coloring to children food causes adverse severe behavior effects and the same effect is usually observed on dogs. The attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is linked to diet and treats with artificial coloring, and most of the times the dog’s reacts by hyperactivity and having a reduction of attention over a span of time. The colorings which are listed on E numbers are often made from by-products of petroleum, and it takes years to break down.


Dogs have a sweet tongue, and they enjoy a taste of sugary food or treat but giving them excessive sugars can cause severe problems to their health. Excessive sugar to dog’s diets is linked to hypoglycemia, obesity, tooth decay, hyperactivity and other many conditions that might slow the lifespan of your dog. Check out on food that has added sugar and flavor and avoid feeding them to your dog. Remember a happy dog a happy owner.


Salt is essential in dogs food, but they just need a small amount of quantity. It should be added in the form of a sodium chloride to enhance the dog’s food flavor, and most of the meat ingredients have then required amount, but an excessive amount of salt may lead to high blood pressure, seizures, coma, tremors, vomiting, and inappetence and heart problems.


Grains have an added benefit to the health of the dog, and it’s also cheap and easy to buy in bulk, but some grains are usually linked to skin allergies and digestive problems. Skin allergies in dogs can be contagious and gastrointestinal problems may lead to death if not treated well. Some dogs are known to tolerate grains, but excessive feeding is not advisable, check out junk food with grains and especially corn snacks, burger buns and even dog pizza.

Artificial Preservatives

A preservative increases the shelf life of dog’s food, and they may prove to be dangerous for the dogs and profitability to the manufacturer. Most of the artificial preservatives that are found in dog’s menu include the BHA (E320), BHT (E321), potassium sorbate (E202), Ethoxyquin (E324), and Propyl Gallate (E310). These preservatives are known to cause various health problems like skin allergies, respiratory problems, cancer, eye irritation, and behavior issues and sometimes it may lead to death.

You need to check out if the food you buy from stores and the kind of preservatives they contain to prevent your dog from experiencing health problems. Anything excess is harmful, check out on the kind of diet you feed your dog this will prevent serious health problems and keep your dog active, healthy and happy all the time.

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  • November 13, 2017
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