Best Dog Harness to Stop Pulling (2017 Product Reviews)

Drawing from some quick statistics, a large percentage of pet owners have dogs as pets. A very large part of this percentage use dog leashes with collars for restraining their dogs. There is nothing wrong with using dog leashes when walking or training your dog. But there is a better way to exercise control over your dog. That's by employing the use of a dog harness. Dog harnesses are gaining popularity among dog owners owing to certain reasons which I am glad to share with you today. By using a the best dog harness to stop pulling one can reduce the strain on the neck of the dog.

This is because the pressure restraining the dog is spread over a larger area. The area being right above the shoulders, back, and the chest area of the dog. By so doing this the strain on the neck is reduced. This helps to avoid injuries that would have otherwise occurred. Such as choking due to excessive strain on the neck.

The size of your dog is another major factor that expounds on the importance of a dog harness. Large dogs tend to be very strong and at times may prove difficult to handle especially when they are on a leash. By using a dog harness,you will be able to have more control over the dog. The harness covers a larger area of the front part of the dog and meaning one can be able to restrain the dog without applying too much pressure. Too much pressure on a dog, especially of a smaller size, could definitely cause injury.

The Best Dog Harness to Stop Pulling

A major feature that one needs to take into consideration when choosing a dog harness is if the leash is front-clip or back-clip. Front-clip harnesses have the leash attached at the chest area of the dog. Front-clip harnesses allow you more control over the behavior of the dog. They have the limitation of tending to get tangled with the front legs of the dog. Back-clip harnesses have the leash attached to the back of the dog. They are most suited for aggressive dogs.

The owner can have more restrain on the dog by tugging on the leash attached to the back-clip harness. The back-clip harness also has another advantage over the front-clip harness. The dog's front legs cannot get tangled up with the leash attached to the harness since it is attached to the back of the dog. The back-clip harness has less strain on the neck of the dog due to its positioning right above the shoulders.

Another feature to look out for is whether the harness is padded or not. To decide on whether to pick a harness that is padded or not, one needs to take into consideration the amount of hair that the dog has. Dogs which have short hair need to have padded harnesses. This helps to avoid skin irritation as well as the rubbing of their skin which might lead to the dog being uncomfortable. Dogs that have thick fur do not need any padding on the harness. Their hair will provide the necessary comfort since the harness will not be in direct contact with their skin.

Ruffwear-Front Range All-Day

This harness can be used everyday and is very simple to put on the dog. It is very comfortable for the dog to wear as it features two leash attachment points. One is an aluminum V-ring which is centered on the back of the dog. As well as a reinforced webbing which runs along the chest of the dog to ensure for maximum control especially during training.

The harness is customized fit with four points of adjustments which allow for a full range of motion. The padding that comes with the harness is very comfortable for the dog. It has a huge impact on its demeanor as the front attachment points make it easy to control the dog while still keeping it beside you while walking. The D-ring which is on the back of the harness can be attached to a Walky Dog attachment on bicycles. This allows you to have a bike ride together with your dog.

This harness is stylish and durable compared to other harnesses. The Front Range Dog Harness reduces pressure on your dog's neck preventing possible neck and windpipe injuries. This harness is most effective on medium and large size dogs.

Small and medium dogs do not have enough neck strength to handle a collar since it wraps around their neck. Moreover, because of the diminutive size of a smaller dog's windpipe, a collar is more likely to choke the dog.

The harness is made of high quality material and it has a lot of extra stitching reinforcements spots all over its surface. The harness is very comfortable for the dog since it has extra padding on the inside of it so it does not pinch the dog's legs. Also, the bulk weight of the harness is centered squarely on the chest of the dog to ensure for easy movement. There are also dual attachment points on the back of the harness as well as on the chest.

This lets you choose whichever works best for your dog. The harness also has a nice touch for convenience. It comes with reflective material which comes in handy when you are walking your dog in low light. It also has a handle positioned on the harness to ensure for optimal control when deemed necessary.

This Harness has the major upside of gently discouraging your dog from tagging on you. The PetSafe Easy Walk Harness is also very comfortable to wear. It makes walking fun for the dog and also yourself.

The front leash attachment enables you to direct your dog to the side and shift his attention toward yourself.

The chest strap is positioned on your dog’s chest instead of applying stress on the neck. This helps to avoid injuries such as choking or gagging. This harness is most effective especially for dogs that have the habit of constantly pulling and tugging too much. The harness snugs up on your dog's chest when it pulls too hard. This makes the dog to stop pulling too hard without causing any harm to itself. So there you have it. If your dog is tugging on the leash and leading to uncomfortable walks,then this is the perfect harness to solve your problem.

This harness is made of durable, stylish, and scratch-resistant oxford material for the outer layer. Also has some lightweight Draflex buckle which has a large loading capacity that increases the strength of the harness. This is very useful for a dog that loves to pull too hard which is common for large and medium sized dogs.

It also has a very comfortable and ergonomic design that ensures it is easy to fit on the dog. The design also makes it easy to take on and off. It has some key safety features that come with it. The features include a nylon webbing with 16M reflective material to ensure for good visibility when you are going for a walk at night.

A sturdy handle to enable for easy seat belt attachment when you are riding in your car with your dog. It also has comfortable lightweight Mesh lining with soft sponge padding on the chest and tummy. It's one of the best bets out there especially for those dog owners who are tired of being pulled around when going out for a walk.

My Pets America Dog Harness

This harness is branded as a no-choke dog harness. It lets you keep your dog safe and comfortable at all times. No matter what your pooch spots and wants to sprint out after during a walk. The harness is designed to reduce and even eliminate pressure. This depends on the size of your dog so it allows any potential neck injuries to your dog. It is very easy to use in different circumstances.

For example, when you are taking your dog for a ride you can slip the seat belt through the handle to secure the dog to the seat. The harness has some sponge filling givr comfort to your dog at all times. The harness has a reflective design that will ensure for the safety of your dog when you are in the dark. The harness is made of carefully chosen durable materials to insure against the wear and tear that is a result of the tagging of an aggressive dog.

Dog lovers are able to improve communication with their dogs using this harness. For example a gentle tug upwards may be a way to tell them to slow down.

The best dog harness is the Ruffwear-Front Range All-Day Adventure Harness. This is due to the reason that it has both front and back lead attachments. This feature enables for increased flexibility for the dog owner as the front attachment is best suited for solo walks. The back attachment is considered appropriate when one owns more than one dog and wants to take both for a walk. The D-ring on the back of the harness is an outstanding feature that enables for cyclist to ride along with their dogs. You can attach it to the Walky Dog attachment on your bicycle. This is a feature that clearly stands out from all other dog harnesses.

These features give it an edge over all other dog harnesses making it a true pack leader. It is your best bet when it comes to picking out the best suited dog harness to meet your dog walking needs.

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