Best Cat Trees and Towers for Multiple Cats

Cats in general have a reputation for being a relatively low maintenance pet. Unlike dogs, you don’t have to worry about taking them on walks, and they’ll generally be okay when left alone for a period of time. With that said, their independence doesn’t mean you shouldn’t provide them with quality toys - and furniture - to make them feel like your home is their home. One of the best investments you can make for your pet is a cat tree. For a small initial investment, you can get a nice piece of furniture that is designed with your cat in mind. I can tell you from personal experience that cats love a good cat tree, but how do you make the right decision when you go to make your purchase?

What are the best cat trees and towers for multiple cats?

There are tons of options out there when it comes to cat trees, so we’ve written this article to help guide and educate you in your research process. We’ll go over a list of specifications that any cat tree should feature, and then review a few top products to give you some options for purchase.

The cat trees in this article will focus on the best cat trees for multiple cats, but even if you just have one cat, a lot of the tips will apply to your situation too.

What to Look for In a Cat Tree

This section will focus on specifications that any cat tree you purchase should feature. As mentioned above, this article will also contain reviews, but even if you decide to go with a different product the guidelines in this section will apply.

Make Sure the Cat Tree Supports Multiple Cats

This one may seem obvious in an article on the best cat trees for more than one cat, but many people often see a tree and think “that looks big enough”. With that thinking, you’ll be wrong more often than not.

Cat trees for multiple cats are pretty large, and oftentimes very tall. If the cat tree isn’t tall enough it’s not going to make a good piece of furniture for more than one animal that tends to be very fond of climbing!

Make sure there’s at least one platform, one scratching post, and one cozy sleeping spot for each of your cats.

Either go with one of the products we’ve reviewed, or seek out a tree described specifically as intended for multiple cats.

The Bigger the Weight Limit, the Better

Going along with our tip above, make sure the cat tree supports a decent amount of weight.

Getting the bare minimum to support all of your cats is probably not going to be good enough. A tree under heavy load may fall over or collapse if a small child or dog runs into it.Even if the weight limit seems overkill, the more weight a cat tree can support, the sturdier it will be. Cats won’t perch on a surface that seems insecure.

Go for Solid Construction

Prioritize cat trees made out of solid wood and covered with nylon carpet. Treated wood or lower quality carpet may make a cat ill or break underneath their claws, respectively. Opt for a model with screws rather than nails, and stapled carpet rather than glue - the glue can be toxic to your kitties!

The following reviews focus on cat trees that are suited for a multiple cat home. We hope you find the discussion interesting and educational.

Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo


● Stable enough to support multiple cats, even if they’re pretty heavy

● Good looking, durable carpet that won’t be an eyesore in your home

● Very easy to assemble

● Economical price


● Base is a little too short, which subtracts a bit from the stability under heavy load

● The included toys are flimsy and won’t last very long for any cat older than a kitten

Go Pet Club Cat Tree


● Fully assembled in less than 30 minutes

● Stands up to rough treatment

● Tall height allows cats a place to climb to for ultimate comfort

● Toys stay attached to the tree and can take a serious beating


● A decent amount of reviewers have noted that the big height makes it slightly less stable. If you push on it with enough force it will fall over

● The material it’s covered in is faux fur, which as we discussed in our features section is a no-no when it comes to durability

PET PALACE Cat Tree Activity Tower Condo


● Sturdy compressed wood construction

● Tall perches

● A cubby for your cat to sleep in

● A hammock for rest and relaxation.


● Although the construction is pretty solid, some reviewers have reported issues when they have more than 2 or 3 cats.

● The cubby, hammock, and perch are great, but there aren’t quite enough for a group of cats.

Best Pet 73" Cat Tree


● This cat tree is seriously tall, which makes it good for supporting multiple climbers.

● Multiple tiers for multiple cats

● Sturdy enough to support a good amount of weight

● Very inexpensive, considering its size


● Mouse toy often falls off soon after assembly

● Some reviewers report receiving the package with missing screws needed for assembly.

● Thin fabric instead of carpet

FurHaven Tiger Tough Furniture Condo


● Supports a lot of weight

● Multiple tiers and perches

● Cat-IQ Busy Box attached to base gives your cats a fun game to keep them occupied


● Only one cubby, which is too little for multiple cats

● The perches and the cubby are rather small. They support a decent amount of weight but they might be too small for bigger cats

● Some reviewers report issues during assembly

The Bottom Line

We’ve given you several different options, all of which work in varying degrees for multiple cats. But if you’re like many people, you’re probably wondering which tree out of the multiple we’ve listed are best for your multiple cat home.

Each option has it’s benefits and drawbacks as you can see, but we’d have to say our favorite model is the Armarkat Cat tree Furniture Condo.

It’s made of quality materials, which we mentioned above was an important factor to consider when purchasing a new cat tree. It’s also build big enough to take heavy weight, making it a good choice for a multiple cat household.

You might be concerned about the drawbacks, like the fact that some reviewers reported a base that was slightly too small. Rest assured, most people have nothing but good things to say about the Armarkat Cat tree Furniture Condo. We’ve got to admit that we’re pretty big fans too!

We hope this article gave you the information you need to make an educated purchase as you try to find the best tree for your needs. Our reviews just covered the main features and drawbacks of each tree, but there’s a wealth of additional information online. Check out Amazon to learn more and purchase your cat tree, today!

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