Best Cat Nail Clippers (2017 Buying Guide)

We know that cats are very proud animals. They love to look good and stay clean. However, the one grooming practice they just haven’t mastered is how to keep their nails short. For this, we have to do it for them. Long nails end up causing injury to our pets as the extrusion is pressed into the paw as the animal runs around. If this goes unchecked, your pet will develop a deformity that limits its movement. This is a compelling reason to see to it that our cats have short enough nails. Mercifully, manufacturers are ahead of us. Many have crafted the perfect tools to ease this grooming ritual.

Pet nail clippers are numerous in the market. Each one comes with a feature that eases nail trimming, meaning we no longer have a reason to pay for someone to do it for us. However, if not careful, you might end up buying a product that doesn’t deliver on the promise. How, then, do we separate the quality from the shams? A good cat nail clipper must have strong and durable blades.

The perfect ones are made of stainless steel. This is an inexpensive material that endows its strength to the clippers. Stainless steel also sharpens easily and maintains an edge for a very long time, eliminating the need to sharpen it. Also, the handle needs to be comfortable enough to hold. This is important as you’ll be grasping it for prolonged periods of time. The grip must also be secure to prevent any accidents. To narrow down your choices, we’ve compiled a list of five of the best pet nail clippers in the market. Take a look and find out which one is best for you.


To keep your cat looking great, how about trying out the Epica Cat Nail Clipper? For those averse to the struggle that is pet nail clipping, this is the perfect tool to have at hand. The Epica has a design that easily and neatly trims your cat’s nails without causing your furry friend any harm. And the process should take you just a few minutes to complete.

This is because the Epica is designed with a semi-circular blade. This blade is made of stainless steel so we know it can withstand the arduous nail clipping lifestyle. Right out of the box, the edge of the blade is razor sharp and it remains that way for a long time. That’s just another benefit of using stainless steel.

The handle is beautifully clad in black and red rubber. It’s designed with ergonomics in mind making it very comfortable to hold. Also, the grip is quite secure thanks to the non-slip nature of this rubber. The ensemble of a sharp blade and ergonomic handle means that trimming your cat’s nails simply means a gentle squeeze. When done, the Epica will lock shut to ensure safety while in storage. All you need to do is push the handles together and slide the lock to the safe position.



Ebelyn is great for small pets. We’re talking about cats or puppies. We’re also talking about pet birds. Whichever kind of small pet you prefer, having this pair of nail clippers will make your life a whole lot easier. So, what makes it earn a place here on our list? First, it’s the design. There’s just something about that attracts. It must be the compact build. It’s probably the fancy looking handles.

Perhaps it’s the scissors like design. Made for your hands, these handles feel comfortable enough to hold. The blade, on the other hand, is made of stainless steel and comes with a very sharp edge. It has a semicircular indentation that eases the trimming process without posing a risk of injury to your beloved pet. Clipping with the Ebelyn is easy.

The combination of the scissors-like design, the sharp blade and the blade indentations ensure the trimming process takes just a few minutes to complete. Out of the box, the clippers might feel a little too stiff when trying to open and close. However, after spraying a little lubricant, the Ebelyn opens with ease.



Pro Pet feature next in our list of the best cat nail clippers. And it deserves a place here as it’s one of the best in the market. Pro Pet designed this pair of clippers to be easy to use and to ensure your pet’s grooming is as painless as possible for both you and your pet.

The blade is made of stainless steel so we know we’ll get the most out of it. It also has an indented design that easily trims your pet’s nails without going too far thus causing injury. The edge comes sharp right out of the box and it remains that way even after numerous applications.

The handle is clad in rubber with the design done with ergonomics in mind. Holding it feels comfortable, ensuring it you don’t feel a strain even after prolonged use. Still, the grip is firm and secure giving you the confidence to hold and use without fear of it slithering from your palm. At the bottom end of the handle, there’s a built-in nail file. This feature sets the Pro Pet apart from its counterparts. The file comes in handy when shaping your pet’s nails. And to help make the pet grooming work even easier for you, Pro Pet include elaborate instructions with picture illustration.



The Safari joins the list and rightfully so. It bears a look of zeal. This pair of clippers was designed and crafted with your pets in mind. It’s a compact tool that is quite easy to use. Grooming your pets might prove an arduous task, but with such a handy tool, you won’t need to take too long trying to get your cat or dog’s nails in shape.

The blade has a very sharp edge and it holds this edge. You won’t need to sharpen it. Made of stainless steel, this blade is strong, able to work through whatever nail types you present to it. And with the indentation, you’ll be able to clip without causing injury. The handle is designed with you, the user, in mind. Safari wants to provide you with as much comfort as they possibly can.

Dressed in rubber, the feel is comfortable in the hands while maintaining a firm, secure grip. With this, you’re able to open and close the blades quite easily. And to keep it safe while not in use, there’s a lock which ensures the blades remain shut, preventing inadvertent injuries in the home.



Pet Republique takes the final slot on our list of the best cat nail clippers. And it deserves it. These clippers are designed to ensure that your cat’s nails are kept short without causing injury. These are especially meant for small animals. With thick stainless steel blades, the Pet Republique nail clippers are sharp and strong, able to trim right through whatever nail type presented to it.

The stainless steel also ensures the blade edge remains sharp, eliminating the need to sharpen. To make sure you’re comfortable enough when using it, this pair of clippers has an ergonomically designed handle that’s coated in rubber. The rubber provides a nice feel but still ensures your grip is firm. Then, when you’re finished using it, the blades lock in place thanks to the safety lock built in.

With this feature, you don’t need to worry about it accidentally opening when in storage. Keeping our minds at ease is Pet Republique’s 30 days money back guarantee. If within 30 days after purchase you feel this pair of clippers isn’t worth it, you can send them back and get a full refund, no questions asked. Still, to complement this, there’s also a one year warranty.


The competition is stiff. Each cat nail clipper struggles to outdo the other and in the process, you get top quality products with amazing features. Still, we have to crown the best of the lot. This is the one that edges past the others, though only slightly. We’re looking at ease of use. We’re looking for comfort and durability. We’re looking at affordability. The best cat nail clippers are the Epica Professional Cat Nail Clipper. It takes the top spot because of its strong blade which maintains a sharp edge. The handles are also quite comfortable in the hands while maintaining a good, firm grip. The Epica is great for use with not just cats but also dogs, rabbits or even pet birds. It’s a versatile product that works well for small and large pets. Though the others are good products, the Epica is a great one.

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