Best Automatic Dog Feeder with a Timer

Our pets are part of the family. When we’re away we worry about them. We worry about whether they’re safe. We worry about whether they’ve eaten. And sometimes finding someone willing to take care of them on your behalf might be difficult. However, technology is on our side. And tasks like feeding our pets can now be easily delegated, not to humans but to machines. These are machines that don’t cost an arm and a leg. They’re affordable and common in the market. They’re the automatic pet feeders. An automatic feeder must have a timer. That’s the heart of the device.

With a timer, you’re able to set the times when food is dispensed for your pet to feed on. With a timer, you’re also able to decide the portion of food per meal. A timer is necessary for a pet feeder. Mercifully, there isn’t a shortage of these automatic feeders with timers. They’re so many that choosing the perfect one for you might be daunting.

So what is the best automatic dog feeder with a timer?

You must find out what the capacity of the food storage container, the hopper, is. If you’re one to be away from home throughout the day then you’ll need one that can hold enough food for your pet for that entire day. This means that the hopper needs to have a large capacity. Also, the device must be easy to operate. You need to be able to set the times for meals easily. Find out whether the feeder has an alert system to remind your pet of when the meals are dispensed. This is a handy feature to have.

Finally, find out how many meals the feeder can dispense. Some can dispense up to 12 meals automatically. Again, if you’re a busy person, this type of feeder is perfect for you. Okay, let’s dive into the reviews. We have narrowed down the options to five of the best. Read on to find out what these five have to offer.


Pet Safe kicks off our search for the best dog feeder, a perfect place to start. With an all-black cladding and a lightweight build, this automatic feeder is the perfect one for your daily pet feeding. It measures 18.5 inches in the length by 8.7 inches in the width by 12.4 inches in height. Yes, it isn’t as compact as most in the market but that isn’t such a bad thing. Still, weighing in at just under five pounds, you’ll find it quite easy to carry. Its hopper, the food storage container, is what will make you appreciate the large size. It has the capacity to hold up to 24 cups of dry food. This means that you won’t need to constantly refill it.

The food is dispensed at the bottom and it lands on the stainless steel bowl that comes bundled with the feeder. Being an automatic feeder, this Pet Safe dispenser is endowed with a timer. With this, you can pre-program up to 12 meals in a day. Each meal can be configured to come out at a certain portion. The portions range from an eighth of a cup to four cups. Thanks to the different feeding modes, you can set the quantity you want to be dispensed for the specific meal. And powering the whole unit are four D Alkaline Batteries which aren’t included on purchase. You can also plug it into the mains socket if you prefer that to battery power.


Pet comes in next with this budget pet feeder. For those looking for simplicity and functionality wrapped in a single package, this product is for you. It has a compact build with dimensions of just 9 inches by 5.1 inches by 3 inches. And weighing in at less than 1 pound, the WO Pet is the epitome of portability. But is it a performer? This feeder is able to hold food that’s enough for a single meal.

However, you can attach two or three feeders together if you want to serve more than one meal to your pet. The WO Pet also comes with an ice pack which is stored underneath the feeder dish. This keeps the food fresh. It wouldn’t be an automatic feeder if it didn’t have a timer. The WO Pet ticks this box.

At the top, there’s a simplistic knob which allows one to set the time for the next meal. On it, there are numbers which represent hours. By turning the knob to four, for instance, the feeder will automatically unlock after four hours and so on. The beauty about this device is that everything about it is uncomplicated. Even the power source is modest. It uses a single AA battery. And we know that AA batteries are very common.


This is a feeder that went right out of the box in terms of design. The Honey Guardian feeder looks unique. In a world where the pet feeders sport similar looks, this one rises above the fray by donning a robot-like design. The hopper resembles a helmet. This food container can store up to 12 cups of food for your pet’s meals throughout the day. On the front, there’s a control panel with LED display. Right under this, you’ll find the chute through which food is dispensed, falling into the feeding bowl at the very base of the unit.

The timer is a state of the art device and it works in collaboration with an infrared detector. Using this, you can schedule up to six meals in a day with each meal’s portion controlled. You can set the Honey Guardian to dispense from 1/32 of a cup to 4 cups per meal. The infrared detector ensures that the food isn’t dispensed beyond the capacity of the feeding bowl. When food reaches the level of the dispensing chute, it immediately pauses the release of food. But that’s not all. With the voice recording feature, you can record a 12-second clip alerting your pet when it’s time for their meal.


Here we have the Arf Pets feeder, a sturdy and well-built automatic pet feeder. It measures in at 9.6 inches by 11.8 inches by 15 inches in height. It’s just the perfect size for storing enough to feed your pet throughout the day. It weighs just 4.63 pounds when empty, ensuring that when you want to move it around, you won’t need to struggle. The food hopper holds a capacity of 4 liters of food. At the top, there’s the control panel with the LED display placed centrally. At the very base of the unit, you’ll find the feeding bowl. This locks in place but easily detaches for cleaning.

To make feeding hassle-free, the Arf is fitted with a reliable timer. Using this, you can apportion up to four meals per day. You can still set home many portions each meal has with the highest number of portions per meal being 10. And with each portion containing 24 ml, your pet should have more than enough to eat within the day. Also, you can set an alarm to sound at meal times so as to alert your pet. All these features are meant to free you up and allow you to attend to other issues without having to worry about feeding your pet.


Yaufey deviates from the standard feeder design with this adorable looking feeder. It takes on a circular shape with four feeding bowls accessible from the top. The whole unit has a height of 5.03 inches and a diameter of 12.75 inches. To the side, there’s a control panel with a LED display. The four food trays inside are able to hold both wet and dry food. Underneath, you’ll find skid proof feet to ensure the feeder doesn’t keep sliding.

Still underneath, there’s the power switch and the battery slots. The timer is easy to operate. You can program four different feeding times for your pet. Each time, a section of the feeding tray above will be revealed, granting your pet access to its contents. You can also record a personalized message that plays during the feeding times. This alerts your pets to approach the feeder.

All the feeders above argue their cases with eloquence. Their features are top of the range, all thanks to their reliable timers. With these timers, you don’t need to be home for your pets to have their meals. These feeders take on that task, performing remarkably. Still, we’ve identified one that rises above the rest. This is the feeder that has enough capacity to hold food for up to 12 meals. It has a sturdy build that is tamperproof. This particular feeder is the best of the lot. It’s the Pet Safe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder. Though the others do a great job, the Pet Safe feeder stands out.

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