Best Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder 2017

Having a pet is a massive responsibility. Grooming them and feeding them takes up a lot of your time but are things that need to be done. So how does one their busy schedule with taking care of their beloved house pets? One way of doing it is finding a device that can see to it that your pets are fed on time and in the right portion. This device is an automatic pet feeder. The best automatic dog and cat feeders are marvels of the pet universe.

The automatic iterations take on the task of dispensing food at the precise time your pet is used to eating. With this, you only need to stock it, set the timer and let it do the rest. But wait. Before you get yourself one, it’s important to find out what features make the perfect automatic pet feeder.

First, the food hopper capacity has to be a size that’s ideal for you. These vary depending on the product. Smaller hoppers will obviously need refilling often. If you have multiple pets or have one that feeds often within the day, this one isn’t for you. However, if you only feed your pet just once or twice in a day, the smaller hoppers will do. Next, find a feeder that isn’t complicated to operate. These devices have timers which countdown or up to the scheduled feeding time.


The Simply Feed opens our reviews of the best automatic feeders. And this feeder completely eases the process of feeding your pets by taking charge of most of the process. With a digital timer, the Simply Feed can be programmed to offer up to 12 meals a day.

All you need to do is fill up the hopper. It has a locking lid so your pets can’t gain access to the food inside the hopper. This way, you’re able to control the portions your pet has and how many times it gets to eat a day. And since this hopper can hold up to 24 cups of food, you won’t need to constantly refill it within the day. The feeder can dispense meals in different portions from an eighth of a cup up to four cups.

With the slow feed mode, the Pet Safe Feeder dispenses large portions over a period of 15 minutes. It also has an immediate feed mode which dispenses the scheduled meal instantly. Having an anti-jam conveyor under the hood helps to dispense meals without any hitches. Powering the Pet Safe are four D Alkaline batteries. The batteries can squeeze out a full year before requiring replacement. However, you can also plug it into the mains outlet using a power adapter that’s sold separately.


This is a fancy looking food dispenser. It has a beautiful design that oozes sophistication and class. And that’s what your pet deserves. The Aspen is clad in black, a color that blends easily with your home décor. At the top, there’s the food hopper which brings the overall height of the Aspen to 15 inches.

This hopper is made of clear plastic, displaying the level of food so that you know when to refill it. And having a capacity of 18 cups, you won’t need to keep refilling it. The body of the dispenser bears an LCD screen, low battery indicator, and control buttons. Using these buttons, you’re able to preset when the meals are dispensed.

Preventing your pets from accessing the food in the hopper is a twist lock lid. With this, food is also kept fresh by keeping the hopper airtight. The bowl is securely fit onto the side of the dispenser where the food neatly slides into it without any spills. This bowl locks in place but can just as easily be detached when one requires to clean it. Cleaning is quite easy as it is dishwasher safe. In fact, the hopper is also dishwasher safe and detaches easily from the base. All you need to do is twist it to unlock and remove.


Pet Safe take another slot on our list of the best automatic feeders. This product deviates slightly from the standard design. It combines simplicity and sophistication to create a convenient and reliable feeder.

With this, you’ll be able to establish an eating routine for your pets without having to interfere with your own busy schedule. This Pet Safe Feeder has two food trays which allow you to set to meals. Both trays hold up to 1.5 cups of dry food, a sizeable portion of a meal.

The timers are simple knobs that you turn to set when the food tray lid opens. Once the scheduled time reaches, the lid opens, revealing the food inside for your pet to indulge in. Cleaning is also a simple affair. Since the food trays are dishwasher safe, all it takes is stuffing them in the dishwasher. Powering the feeder is a single AA battery that isn’t included on purchase. Luckily, these batteries are quite common so that shouldn’t be a reason for concern.


If you’re looking for something out of the box, a feeder with a unique design, then the Honey Guardian is the right product for you. This product is a combination of creativity and functionality. It rises to a height of 14.6 inches with the base width measuring in at 8.2 inches.

The food hopper, which looks like a helmeted guardian, has a height of 8.0 inches and bears a total capacity of 12 cups of food. It dispenses food in different portions, as set by you. And you can also schedule up to 6 meals in a day. With the infrared technology, the Honey Guardian monitors the dispensing process. It prevents over dispensing to avoid an overflow onto the bowl. It also helps to avoid clogging up of food.

The sophistication is taken a step further with voice recording feature. This has the ability to record your voice in a 12-second audio clip. When the time for your pet’s meal reaches, the Honey Guardian dispenses the meal and plays your voice to call your pet. Being able to do that frees you up to go about other duties without worrying about having your pet fed. Powering the feeder are 3 D sized batteries. The Honey Guardian consumes very low power, using a set of batteries for over 6 months.


Closing our reviews section is the WO Pet automatic feeder. It consists of a feeding tray that’s locked inside the unit, accessible via the top. A lid covers the top and is released when the feed time arrives. With the WO Pet, you can set up to one meal for your pet.

The time is set by winding the timer knob. It then counts down to the preferred time when the food will be accessible. Underneath the food tray, there’s an ice pack which helps to keep the food fresh.

So whether or not you’re at home, your pet will get fresh food at the scheduled time. Setting the timer is extremely easy. All you need to do is figure out after how long you want to feed your dog or cat. If you want your pet fed four hours after placing the food, just turn the dial of the timer to four. If you want the lid to open after 12 hours, just turn the dial to 12 and so on. Powering the WO Pet is a single AA battery which isn’t included in the package. The good news, however, is that you can find the AA batteries in any store.

If the device is difficult to operate, you might find yourself setting the wrong time. Also, how secure is the food in the hopper? To keep your animal from gaining access to the food before time, the hopper must have a secure lockable lid. This must be tamper proof, deterring your pet from accessing the food. Finally, ask how the feeder is powered.

This is important because it determines how reliable the device will be. Most are battery powered. If so, ensure you know how much battery life you’ll get. There are excellent devices that squeeze out a year of power. Some do up to 6 months. Any less than this should be unacceptable. Okay, let’s dive into our review of five of the best automatic dog and cat feeders in the market before you make your choice.

There you have it, five of the best automatic pet feeders you can find. They are great for you who hardly have the time to keep feeding your pets. Each of these products works as promised, ensuring your dogs and cats get their food on time. There is one that stands out from the rest. It’s the one that takes the crown of the best automatic dog and cat feeder. This is the Pet Safe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder. It is an easy to use device which ensures the pet food is dispensed at the right time. Its hopper is considerably larger than the others, reducing refills to a bare minimum. And being able to be powered by a battery and mains power, it provides more reliability.

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